Winter Clean-up

Oh, hi, sorry for the mess. I just changed the structure of this website once again and still it’s for the better. I decided that it’s time to give my project another chance to get to a larger audience (the national one). The facebook page is really useful regarding the interaction with the people who like and support the project, as well as for receiving feedback. Nevertheless, it is not so useful when it comes to telling the story of the Butterfly Garden Project. It would be best if the verbal part of this interaction were more than just one-sided (that is, me saying stuff and everyone liking it) and I would be really happy if people answered when I ask for suggestions. How do I make this happen? I invite you to answer in the comments section.

I have a great deal of ideas for the development of this website. I still have work to do on the structure, as well as the content. I don’t want to make promises I will not keep, but in the last months I’ve learned a lot about time management. I learned that even though I assign myself many, many tasks, I can keep up with my deadlines if I make a conscious effort of writing everything down and then prioritizing it. In the last two weeks alone I’ve written a lot and I even got named copywriter for two non-academic projects (I mean something different from school-related essays, for which I’ve also written pages on end), so I feel that I am ready for a new (actually pretty old) challenge.

What do you say, would you like me to tell you more about the project?

And another question: how do you find the current structure in the gallery with all the collections in the drop-down menu?

*I’m also writing these posts in English here because it’s much easier to follow the evolution of the project on only one website.*

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