The Garden and the Butterflies or How to Find a Name

Where did the Butterfly Garden idea come from? Why doesn’t it have another name? I’ve learned during the past year, from different places, especially the D&F resources, that it’s important for your project to have a name. A name that is unique, distinctive and easily remembered, yet representative for your field and for your main activity.

I also learned that for proper marketing you need a good tagline or a motto, but I haven’t created one for the Butterfly Garden yet. Still, for something you do by default, without having to think about it and without having to explain it to yourself, finding a good name is not an easy task.

You need to get out of your mind, to wander around the world (and your target group) and see your work through other people’s eyes. It’s a very good social imagination exercise. In order to find a fitting name, I divided the activity in three big steps (according to my experience up to this day):

  • Firstly, you need to know what you want to communicate about your project. You can start with a list of everything you want your target group to know, then rank all of the properties you found by their importance (which ones do you really want people to know instantly?). These very important aspects of your project should be in a small number. How many words or expressions do you know to represent 20 properties in the same context?
  • Next, you need to do a market survey to check out the other people / projects in your field, their names (in order to not accidentally ‘borrow’ their idea), in order to know what to keep away from.
  • After eliminating all the names that are already being used (or other similar combinations which would only lead to confusion), the next step is choosing one word or a combination of words that illustrates best the features you selected earlier. Also try to use words that are common in the vocabulary of your target group, in order to ensure that they understand and are motivated to promote your project.

My D&F Fellow from Moldova, Liza, applied a similar method and found a very nice name for her project and her brand: Dulce Plai. She even made a small study in our international group, asking us for our opinions regarding different words and combinations, even though I was the only one who understood them. In a few weeks she came up with ‘Dulce Plai’ and we all agreed it was great.

In my case, I first made the list with everything that I wanted to convey through the name of the project. I knew that I wanted to include the idea of handmade, workshop, manual labor, but also the idea of natural beauty and the beauty of nature, flowers, insects, visual and tactile pleasure, diversity, quality and sustainability. The easiest tool to employ in order to check what names were already in use is google. That’s where I discovered that being original is way more difficult than I’d imagined. I “wasted” hours on end on google, trying out different combinations which I’m not even sure I could translate to English. In the end I settled on Butterfly Garden (‘Grădina cu fluturi’). It wasn’t taken.

At first I didn’t like it so much. It was a bit vague. I wanted it to be more lively, to attract people’s attention through it’s ‘magic’. But what I love about it now most is that I gave it its personality. I took a generic combination of words and brought it to life. Now in the butterfly garden you can find all sorts of flowers that caress you with their delicacy, you find butterflies which you can almost see taking flight the next moment. And all of this because I chose to. You can bring to life and give unlimited qualities to a name through all that it ends up representing.

As for the logo, it arrives together with the name if you’re lucky or it gets created by a talented designer if you have one nearby. I had none, neither luck, nor a designer handy, so I starded drawing and then I learned how to work with vector graphics. You can see the original sketches and the final product of my logo design work.

The first logo sketches

The first logo sketches

The logo in its current form

The logo in its current form

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