The felt and the Chrismas

It’s not too difficult to realize why the second themed collection of the butterfly garden was the Christmas one. Considering the fact that the project started growing around October and that the first collection was the experimental one with the silk earrings, it’s understandable that I tried to create a series of items that can be either offered to your loved ones or worn all winter with or on coats, bags and hats.

As you can also notice in the gallery, this collection was mostly based on felt made of natural dyed wool. I chose this fabric because it’s extremely durable to atmospheric conditions (it doesn’t get dirty from humidity and dust and it doesn’t fray), it’s light, soft and very pleasant to the eyes. Besides, the intense and uniform  colors that I found work very well with the fabrics used in coats, bags and hats nowadays.

What I brought new with this collection is a new way of using felt. Until then I had tried to create other kinds of felt flowers, but at the end of 2012 I thought „why not try and make tsumami kanzashi out of felt too?”. And I did. I can say that the items I created look very good and that surely I will continue working with this fabric.

A short „survey” on google (that I only thought of doing a few hours ago), tells me that the items in my Christmas collection look a lot better than most of the felt kanzashi flowers made by other artizans (internationally) and that makes me very proud.

Another small study showed me that no other person thought of making felt earrings (and of putting them online), so I’m the happy owner of a unique and clearly original design.

I’m very glad that almost all of the items in this collection have gotten to someone as a present and are being worn and I only understand the success of the earrings now, after my small study. In the future I want to experiment with other kinds of petals besides the round ones, but I will surely leave the fabric for winter collections.

What do you think about this collection? What would you like to see besides brooches and earrings? How do you think I can improve the next Christmas collection?

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