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2 thoughts on “The Dragonflies and the Workshop

  • romy

    Hi Andrea,
    would love to find out more about how you advertised the workshop in order to give input on what to change in the future. Overall, I think you did a great job and it’s good that you have a chance to earn more experience in a rather safe environment.
    I guess to go on from there, it’s all about thinking further: can you ask people to pay for these workshops to cover your material costs and earn a small contribution to your living? How will you keep in touch with people after the workshops? Did you put out an emailing list or distribute flyers with your Facebook site? Ideally, these women would come back another time or at least buy some of your products now that they appreciate the work behind and quality of what you do. Also, how can you ‘use’ them to promote your work further (e.g. if one of their sisters gets married, it would be nice if they suggest that she buy your flowers for decoration).
    Another, not too serious question: will there ever be men in your workshops?? 😉
    Wish you all the best for the future!

    • Andi

      Dear Romy,

      Funny that you should ask about the guys, I already had men in both workshops. One of them made a cute flower for his girlfriend in the first workshop. One quit half way (but he’s with the Incubator, so he’s attended both workshops) and one of them was there for support, he’s more into programming, handy with the keyboard, not so much with scissors and glue guns.

      I promoted the event mostly through Facebook and the Incubator107 website, in my own online community and the Incubator’s community too, so I only knew half the attendees on Monday evening, which was very nice. Thus they all know about my Facebook page (and hopefully my website too). There will be a second workshop with a different theme (probably butterflies), some of them will come back and they said they would tell their friends about it.

      Regarding the contribution, the Incubator runs on donations, so after each event, the attendees leave a sum of their choosing (around 3 euros), which is then split, similar to what we did at the Web of Life event. So that is enough for me to cover my costs and put a little bit to the side to put back in the project when I need to make an investment (for materials or tools).

      I’m working now in parallel on a few ideas, among which paper flower bouquets for brides (they take less time and pain to make than the silk ones) and I’ll start putting them online too as soon as I finish the first one. I’m just trying to balance everything now, school, the project and looking for a job. I hope I’ll make it alive and strong.

      Thank you for your support!
      Hugs, Andrea.