The Bazaar and the Earrings

Today I went to the free bazaar in L’Atelier Café. They could have tried to organize the space a little better, but other than that I enjoyed the atmosphere, the good music and the people coming and going with all sorts of stuff in their hands and bags and handbags.

Considering the fact that the Butterfly Garden  was born to bring people in contact with the beauties one might find among unworn or old clothes, I thought it would be appropriate to present my work there, since the message of the bazaar is pretty similar (what you don’t need any more might be exactly what someone is searching for.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to present them, rather they got thrown and scattered on a table that was already full of stuff (unlike some other tables around). I did not appreciate this lack of respect for my work.

I do understand the fact that some people just bring stuff they bought some time ago and don’t need/use any more, but this is my work, my patience that was thrown on that table.

Still, unrelated to this incident, after trying to make some order in my donation, something good came out of it. I made a visitor so happy about the silk earring that she just made my day. She hugged me and I offered her my card to keep in touch.cercei colorati matase logo

At the event I found a nice silk scarf that one day will surely turn into at least an autumn tinted butterfly and a nice silk blouse that will also probably become a few special items in my collections.

I hope that this event will continue to be held, a bit more professionally and with a better space setting and I hope that the people keep on going with the same smiles upon their faces and enjoy even more the small treasures they might find there.

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