Tutorial cardboard necklace display stand - DIY show your creations
Today I want to help you solve an important problem. Where do you get affordable and beautiful necklace displays for your handmade creations? You make them, of course. Here’s the tutorial. Skip to the steps. You make jewelry. Sometimes very pretty necklaces. You need a way to display them, but Continue reading →

Tutorial: cardboard necklace display stand

Tutorial petale kanzashi inguste - pasul-14
The pointy petals are the easiest ones to make. They also require less precision, although they look great in chrysanthemums, gerberas and in more complex combinations, such as the lotus flowers. This tutorial will teach you the basic moves that you’ll get in no time. In a few minutes you’ll Continue reading →

Tutorial foto & video – Pointy kanzashi petals

Tutorial fabric butterfly - silk organza cotton - handmade butterflies 7
This photo tutorial will teach you, step by step, how to upcycle natural or synthetic fabrics and transform them into pretty butterflies by using the tsumami kanzashi technique. If you are new to this technique, I recommend that you first learn how to make the simple petals, then the multi-layered Continue reading →

Tutorial: silk, satin or organza butterflies

Tutorial DIY how to make a rounded petal for kanzashi fabric flowers
In this tutorial I’ll teach you my own method of creating beautiful rounded tsumami kanzashi petals. Not the traditional technique, but one that will make your flowers stand out for sure. You’re new to the world of tsumami kanzashi and would love to learn how to make the petals out Continue reading →

Photo & video tutorial – kanzashi rounded petals

See what I learned from the workshops held in the last few months and apply these lessons to your own workshop. It’s all right to make mistakes, but isn’t it easier when you can learn from someone else’s mistakes? What do you do best? Would you like to teach others? Continue reading →

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